Summer Lens Offer

lens_dealNo matter how great your camera system, your images don’t start in the back, they start in the front. A camera as fast and versatile as an H system model demands the very best from its lenses, and that’s what we’ve produced. All HC and HCD lenses are engineered to ensure optimal performance and image quality, whether using film or digital. With central lens shutters and manual focus override, all our lenses are engineered to ensure optimal performance and image quality.

This summer you can save up to 20% on one of these selected Hasselblad medium format lenses:

HC 2,2/100mm

The 100mm is a fast lens particularly suited to low-light situations or for action shots where higher shutter speeds are required. The slightly longer than standard length coupled with its shorter depth-of-field makes it a perfect choice for striking portraits too.

HC Macro 4/120mm II

The Macro 120mm has exceptionally high performance making it a very versatile lens not only for close-up work but general applications too where a slightly longer lens is required.

HC 3,2/150mm

An ideal portrait lens, providing the ideal perspective for head and shoulder portraits. Also very suitable for landscape photography.

HC 4,5/300mm

The 300mm lens is the longest lens in the HC lens range. It has a fast autofocus reaction making it suitable for certain sports and wildlife applications. The high quality even at wide apertures makes it also suitable for fashion photographers needing to blur out disturbing backgrounds.


  • HC 2,2 /100mm  Now €2540
  • HC Macro 4/120mm II Now €3264
  • HC 3,2 /150mm  Now €2448
  • HC 4,5 /300mm  Now €3396

* Offer valid until 30 September 2015, T&C’s apply. Offer excludes VAT.

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