H5X Bundle Offer


Versatility comes to the fore again from Hasselblad by offering a body that uses H5 technology, with all its advantages, together with the opportunity of exploiting either the HCD 24mm lens or the HCD 4,0-5,6/35-90mm zoom lens in this special bundle offer. Used with film magazines and 3rd party digital backs, the H5X is aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F and H4X users wishing to upgrade to H5 capabilities. The H5X can naturally act as a backup for H5D users too.

Product & Prices

Between now and the end of August 2015, customers can save up to €596 on a bundle option:

H5X + 24mm lens

with choice of viewfinder

without viewfinder

H5X + 35-90mm lens

with choice of viewfinder

without viewfinder

To include the viewfinder in the bundle choose between either the HV 90x-II viewfinder optimised for film and 40.2 × 53.7mm format, or the HVD 90x matching the 36 × 48mm or smaller sensors.

The HCD 24mm lens is an ultra-wide angle lens with an advanced optical design for outstanding performance and extreme corner to corner sharpness.

The 35-90mm zoom lens combines our advanced optical design models and the H-system’s unique digital lens correction with a new aspheric lens element design to create what we think is the highest performing zoom lens on the market today.

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* T&C’s apply. Excludes VAT.
Offer is valid until August 31, 2015 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.

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