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HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90

HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90

The result of our constant striving for ultimate performance, the new HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 zoom lens combines our advanced optical design models and the H-system’s unique digital lens correction with a new aspheric lens element design to create what we think is the highest performing zoom lens on the market today.

Morfi Jiménez Mercado

The HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 zoom lens was specifically designed to get the most out of today’s large sensors and boasts exceptionally high image quality at all focal length settings.

 The lenses in our HC/HCD line equal or outperform even our traditional Hasselblad/Zeiss lenses, even the iconic CF 3.5/100 and CF 5.6/250 SA, considered by most experts to be the finest lenses ever made for professional photographers. Please note, however, that this special lens is designed specifically for the H3D and H4D camera models and is for digital use only.


Focal length: 36,3 (87) mm

Aperture range: 4.0 (5.6) - 32

No. of lenses/groups: 13 elements in 11 groups - 1 Aspherical surface

Focusing range: 0,65 m to infinity


Magnification at close range: 1:13 (1:5,4)

Coverage at close range: 68 x 48 cm (26 x 20 cm)

Filter diameter: 95 mm

Length: 167 mm


Diameter: 102,5 mm

Weight: 1410 g

Product no: 3023590