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Digital Backs.

The Hasselblad approach to cameras and digital backs is built on the concepts of versatility and user friendly operation. A typical result of this is the unique CFV 50 digital back. It is the only digital back that can be used on all lens shutter or focal plane shutter based V System cameras produced from 1957 onwards. Furthermore, this is achieved without external cables, making digital shooting with your V camera even easier than shooting film.

The CFV 50 digital back boasts a list of many beneficial features. For example, safe and non-stop computer-free capture of hundreds of images onto a CF card. Tethered use allows not only capture controls but also special tools such as live video and overlay masking that help bring productivity to advanced set composition. Images are stored in the Hasselblad raw file format, 3F RAW (3FR), that reduces the required storage space by 33% and can be opened either in the Hasselblad Phocus software or directly in the latest release of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Features such as Digital Lens Correction place Hasselblad in a very strong forefront position. This sophisticated fine tuning takes place in Phocus and removes all distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration. It is available for virtually all V System Carl Zeiss lenses allowing a new level of quality from your old and trusted lenses. Hasselblad Instant Approval Architecture (IAA) creates a powerful digital workflow control that uses audio and visual feedback to make life easier for you. The Hasselblad RGB color profile takes the worry out of difficult tone reproduction too.

The CFV-50 is the only digital back which ensures cable-free operation when mounted on a Hasselblad V-system camera while at the same time enabling full integration with various technical camera and shutter configurations.