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Why Dave’s Hasselblad is always in fashion

2015-10-21 New Zealand-based fashion and portrait photographer Dave Richards was just fifteen years old and getting some work experience on a local newspaper when he first picked up a Hasselblad – but he didn’t actually get to shoot with it.

Today his capture weapon of choice is the H5D-40.

“I really love what I do for a living but I am a meticulous planner”, he says. “I guess my personal style sits somewhere between precision and enjoyment – and when it comes to the shoot itself I work fast. I tend to size-up situations fairly well, so I will always get what clients want – alongside pushing things as far as I can to create a scene of excellence – and allow some space for any happy accidents.”

“This is the camera that has completely changed my approach to photography and my way of shooting. Now 35mm cameras feel like rubbish to me” he notes.

“It’s all about the incredible detail the H5D-40 captures. Even when the images are reduced to 4MB the quality is matchless.

This device simply makes me pay more attention to what I am doing, to my lighting – and pretty much everything else. And because I know I’m going to get a very high quality result it makes me feel I can always push for an ever better image.”


Heartbreak Hotel by Dave Richards

He adds: “I admit I used to be happy with the quality of my images from a DSLR but now they look average. This camera has genuinely prompted a brand new period of creativity with me – all the portraits and work I had done previously just do not resonate with the same look and quality. To be honest I really now want to replace almost everything in my portfolio.”


Barbie Lagerfeld by Dave Richards

Dave believes the H5D-40 enables him to create great images as opposed to good images.

He says: “When it first arrived the quality and the sheer heft of it impressed me immediately. I charged it up and took a few shots but my jaw didn’t drop until I uploaded those first images. The detail; the sharpness. It was absolutely mind-blowing when you see that on your own workstation. Skin tones are amazing with this instrument. People actually look the way they should!


With DSLRs I was never really that happy with the focus – but with Hasselblad’s priceless True Focus I get things razor sharp every time – even with the lenses wide open. The viewfinder too is so big and bright it makes manual focus simple, and that is indispensable to me. The first shoot I ever did with this camera was for a hairdresser who then went on to win the ‘NZ Men’s Hairdresser of the Year’ award with the pictures I took.”


A.J Kelly by Dave Richards

What’s next?

“Finally, I’ve been able to leave a bit of space between commissions to concentrate on some personal work” he smiles, “I’ve organised a couple of shoots in Australia and New Zealand and I’m just about to order some new Hasselblad lenses to accompany me.”

‘The H5D-40 is the camera that has completely changed my approach to photography and my way of shooting. Now 35mm cameras feel like rubbish to me’

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