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Valerio mastering ‘digilog’ photography with his CFV-50c

Dedicated film user Valerio Vincenzo moved into the digital age recently when he paired a Hasselblad CFV-50c back with his vintage 500C cameras for a job that focused on travel by train.

LA SUISSE EN TRAINFor all the advantages that digital can offer over film there is still, for many photographers, something special about the feel of an older Hasselblad camera. Netherlands-based, Italian photographer Valerio Vincenzo thoroughly enjoys working with his vintage 500C and 500C/M models, which are still capable of delivering excellent professional-level results.

However, he was tempted recently by the opportunity to combine a state-of-the-art CFV-50c digital back with his much revered cameras to create a set-up that allowed him to continue to work with his kit of choice while bringing his whole workflow up to date.

07_Switzerland“I had been given an assignment by the French edition of GEO magazine to produce pictures for a special issue they were producing about travelling by train,” he says. “They wanted me to focus on a high altitude journey across Switzerland from Montreux to St Moritz and I undertook the shoot over a week in February when there was still a lot of snow on the ground.”

Any worries Valerio might have had about compatibility between the two generations of technology were dispelled the moment he snapped the CFV-50c into place. Designed to be the perfect match for older analogue cameras, it was not only highly intuitive to work with but it also perfectly matched the look and style of the 500C. “I only collected the back a short while before I started the job,” says Valerio, “but I felt comfortable with it immediately. I just switched it on and it was ready to shoot. I very quickly forgot that I was using a digital back at all, which meant that I could then focus on creating my images instead of continually checking my results on the LCD screen.”

LA SUISSE EN TRAINThe assignment was a big success and Valerio has now discovered a new way of working, describing his hybrid set-up as a ‘digilog’ camera – a mix between digital and analogue. “I really appreciated this modern tool that allowed me to work with my old cameras,” he says. “I use the digital technology to capture the light and the rest is manual. It brings me back to the basics of photography: aperture and shutter speed. The rest for me is superfluous.”


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