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To capture action with one shot

To have only one opportunity to capture the perfect picture is a challenge the new Hasselblad ambassador Gian Paul Lozza faces regularly. “I love action, and it has to be real.”Iouri_LozzaIouri_Lozza / Zurich: Locarno / camera: H4D – 40, HC80mm, 1/250s, f/11, ISO100 / flash: Broncolor flashes 

Born in the Swiss Alps, Gian Paul Lozza has his roots in snowboarding. He first aimed to become a professional snowboarder himself but ended up taking photos of his worldwide famous friends instead. That was the start of a career that has taken him all over the world and made him a well-known name in sports, portraits and landscape photography.

“I’m a restless guy. I want to make new things and to be challenged. To do the same all the time gets boring. The graphic bold style is what keeps my work together.”A 2437Lightanimals_falcon_Lozza / location: Locarno / camera: H3DII – 31, HC80mm, 1/250s, f/20, ISO100 / flash: Broncolor flashes 

The London and Zurich based photographer has been using a Hasselblad since he made the switch to digital, often capturing shots of fast movement.

“I love action and it has to be real. But you have to go the extra mile to stand out. Most people shoot fast movement with a DSLR camera, so it comes that for me it often looks like the same. I want to get away from that and create my own style. A Hasselblad requires knowledge but the results are so much better than anything else.”Swim_LozzaSwim_Lozza / athlete: Luca Pfyffer / location: Zurich / camera: H4D – 40, HC80mm, 1/250s, f/6.4, ISO50 / flash: Broncolor flashes  

“When working with action you are quite often not able to do sequences, instead you have maybe one or two chances. It’s like snowboarding or skateboarding when you stick a trick. If you fail it’s going to hurt but when you make it, the feeling is incredible.”Sk8_LozzaSk8_Lozza / athlete: Christian Neuenschwander / location: Zurich / camera: H1D – 22, HC80mm, 1/250s, f/11, ISO100 / flash: Broncolor flashes 

“Another example, when a sprinter starts, he can only do that a few times with full strength. With Hasselblad you see every detail. And I love that, that’s how I like to work. I really want to show every muscle, to bring every detail out.”Sprinter_LozzaSprinter_Lozza / athlete: Amaru Schenkel / location: Zurich / camera: H3DII – 31, HC80mm, 1/250s, f/8, ISO100 / flash: Broncolor flashes 

Gian Paul Lozza frequently travels to challenging environments for work. Even so, he never forgets his Hasselblad, otherwise referred to as his ‘third arm’.

“Some people are afraid to use a Hasselblad outdoors because they think it´s a studio camera. But that’s simply not true, I use the camera in rain, in snow, in 25 minus degrees Celsius and it works everywhere at any time.”Pyramid_LozzaPyramide_Lozza / athlete: Markus Keller / location: Laxx / camera: H3DII – 31, HC80mm, 1/45s, f/8, ISO200 / flash: Broncolor flashes with red gels 

“Shooting action with a Hasselblad requires more thought and preparation, but I really like that. It makes you think more and you have to concentrate to capture the perfect moment. It makes the photo special in the end. Thanks to that, I think Hasselblad helped me to find my style.”

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