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The loneliness of the long-distance landscape photographer

2015-12-28 It’s a solitary business. Serious landscape photographers will wait for days for the right moment and the right light for the shot they need – and Swiss-born Luca Marziale is no exception.

‘I find a quiet ease with the Hasselblad – it’s like being in the company of an old friend.’ – Luca Marziale

Bleed 2015

A specialist medium format shooter on a mission to capture the relentless shaping of the world through time, erosion, life and death, Luca focuses on the building blocks that make up the landscape; overlooked moments and personal spaces that he believes can define a state of natural rapture.

His style is to blur the lines between reality and abstraction in a search for rich textures. A graduate from New York City’s School of Visual Arts, his ambition is to provide ongoing commentary on the tension within our threatened natural environment and the endurance of Earth’s primitive landscapes.

Study I 2015

Luca_marziale_hasselblad_our_world_3 Frozen Tree On Twilight 2015

Luca shoots on a classic Hasselblad 501C ‘because it suits my style of photography’.

He tells us: “To be honest I have simply fallen in love with the repetition of the camera. The meditative process of loading, shooting and developing has humbled the way I view photography as a medium.” He adds: “I am always out there with nature and to deal with that I must have a camera that can withstand and handle harsh weather conditions. From shooting my latest series of images in Yellowstone National Park in temperatures of minus 30 degrees to climbing mountains in Scotland in the pouring rain, my Hasselblad has proven itself durable and precise – the perfect tool for me to depend on when I am out in the field. Using the 6×6 waist level viewfinder really allows me to be patient in my composition. My intention is to fully immerse the viewer and play with the sense of scale and through that create a dialog between abstraction and reality.

Study VII 2015

Drifter 2014

“The Hasselblad allows me to retain as much detail as is possible when photographing these landscapes, forcing the viewer to question what makes a landscape and how it was constructed. Being a landscape photographer is a solitary experience and I find a quiet ease with the Hasselblad – Like being in the company of an old friend.”

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