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Strength and form and the H5D-40

2015-07-08 Chris Harper FBIPP – multi-award-winning photographer and chief executive of the British Institute of Professional Photography – is an advocate of ‘strength and form’ in his own creative work.

Mikey Smith Nov_B_4151 copyHe also acknowledges that ‘achieving simplicity is harder than it looks’ and the right tool for the job is vital.

Last year Chris upgraded to a Hasselblad H5D-40 and we are delighted to showcase some of his work as part of our web gallery.

A professional photographer for over 25 years, Chris trained at The School of Visual and Performing Arts, Westminster College, London, where he specialised in black and white hand printing techniques.

He gained his BIPP Licentiateship in 1989 and went on to set up his own studio and shoot over 1000 weddings before becoming the youngest- ever BIPP President in 2005. Two years later he took on the role of chief executive at the internationally recognised Aylesbury-based organisation with its matchless 100 year track record of supporting and networking photographers.

Pete Wisbey - SE Workshop_B_12952 copy Neil Frost 3_B_3798 copy Mikey Smith Nov_B_3969 2 copy Matt Blade _B_11987 1 copy Daniel Jan 2015_B_5581 copy

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