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Portraits of the American West by Drew Doggett

2016-02-15 Having focused on remote subjects and locations for the majority of his career, fine art photographer Drew Doggett has turned his attention to one of the most impressive and expansive national park systems in the world here in the United States. Inspired by traditional landscape photography and platinum palladium printing, the series, Shadows Alight: Portraits of the American West, intimately explores what remains of the region’s natural beauty.


The photographs in this series document landscape scenery and closely capture vignettes from within several national and state parks, including Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Olympic, and bring a contemporary fine art perspective of these parks through a traditional black and white lens. Intended to highlight the vital importance of these locations, these images also seek to inspire others to explore and engage with these areas themselves, as underfunding and the threat of pollution encroaches upon many of their habitats.


Drew’s affinity for Hasselblad cameras began during his tenure as an assistant for several accomplished celebrity portrait and fashion photographers. For this project, Drew endeavoured to bring that same level of quality to these photographs of the forests, mountains and rivers using our H5D-50c medium format camera. As one of the most comprehensive digital camera systems today, this system provided him with excellent images from a variety of perspectives, from epic panoramic shots of immense natural landscapes to more intimate portraits of trees or Americana.


“The benefits of the CMOS sensor provided flexibility in low light situations, as well as a dynamic range to pull out shadow detail when I needed it; something that was crucial for this project” he says. “The size of the files and quality of the optics really enabled me to capture these vast landscapes without compromising on the finest of details”.


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