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Phocus 3.1 Release

Phocus 3.1 Release

The eagerly awaited update to our rich image processing software has just been released, bringing with it additional features and benefits.

KeystoneKeystone Perspective Correction

The new Keystone tool enables you to perform high quality perspective corrections directly in Phocus. This can be done both via a simple guideline interface or via manual slider adjustments. Additionally, the dual-axis correction capability is extremely useful when copying flat artwork.

AdjustmentLayersLocal adjustment of highlight recovery

Highlight recovery has now been added to the palette of local adjustment tools, allowing for quick and precise correction without the need for manual masking.

PreferenceViewer background and margin options

It’s now possible to configure both margin and background color options for the viewer. This can be done separately for both the normal and a newly added proof mode.

Added camera response options

In the reproduction tool you now have the choice of 2 additional response modes. Reproduction Low Gain enables an even higher quality linear response. The new Negative response is suitable for reproduction of black and white negative film.

KarlTaylorPhocusTutorialPhocus tutorials now available

We have partnered with UK professional photographer Karl Taylor to produce a series of Phocus Tutorial videos. They can be accessed through the Phocus product page and you will need to log in to view them.

Download Phocus 3.1 for Mac & PC here 





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