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The all new Hasselblad H6D: put to the test by a perfectionist professional

Tried. Tested. Loved.

When we put one of our first Hasselblad H6D prototypes in the hands of London-based portrait photographer Tom Oldham we told him he could ‘test-drive’ it wherever and however he wished.

Tom6Photo by Tom Oldham on his H6D-50c

And with a fitting touch of irony, Tom took it to Hasselblad’s homeland, Sweden – and teamed up with two of the fittest young athletes in the country for a punishing three-day shoot.

The result? ‘Without doubt this is the best camera I have ever laid my hands on’ he says. ‘I have been shooting with the H6D’s predecessor, the H5D-50c – and that model was outrageously good – but this new platform is simply moving things to a different level. It proved itself a truly outstanding performer across a wide range of disciplines and conditions.’

Tom4Photo by Tom Oldham on his H6D-50c

He adds: ‘The H5D-50c was voted the world’s best medium format camera and it thoroughly deserved all its plaudits, so the fact that Hasselblad has chosen to deconstruct it and completely rebuild from the ground up is both astonishing and very bold.’

‘I really hammered my H6D with no mercy for eighteen hours a day over three days in the demanding Swedish outdoors. It is simply the best camera I have ever picked up. It is a definite game-changer for the medium format marketplace and it lays a firm foundation for a very exciting future in this sector’ – Tom Oldham

The H6D’s new electronic platform has been engineered to handle the largest file throughput with speed and ease and new high definition rear touchscreen LCD functionality brings images even more to life.

Tom2Photo by Tom Oldham on his H6D-50c

The new unit’s USB 3.0 connector delivers ‘blisteringly fast’ file transfer when shooting tethered and has the ability to capture HD/4k video. The H6D also boasts dual card slots; state-of-the-art Phocus 3.0 image processing software with an updated graphical user interface; increased ISO and shutter speed range, a faster shooting rate and Wi-Fi as standard.

Tom states: ‘The H6D is beautifully balanced in the hands, it’s an ergonomic triumph. Everything feels tighter. It just felt sharp and ready – before I even turned it on.’

Tom3Photo by Tom Oldham on his H6D-50c

The art of seamless, worry-free shooting:

Supreme CrossFit athletes Alex and Amanda, plus the Swedish landscape and a sweat-soaked gymnasium were all Tom needed for his exclusive photo-marathon with the new H6D.

He says: “I spent three very long days in nine different locations, shooting the athletes in their natural environment; down at the water’s edge at dawn; in the forest; in the gym – and many other locations day and night, embracing the virtues of both high ISO functionality and backlit glorious sunshine. The H6D never let me down once. The matchless quality, as always with Hasselblad, is right there at your fingertips.”

Tom1Photo by Tom Oldham on his H6D-50c

He adds: “Hasselblad has created a stunning medium format camera that offers totally seamless shooting. No photographer wants to have technical worries on their radar when they are shooting. And from the moment you pick up the H6D you just feel an immediate confidence that this is a new and completely refreshed capture device.

Every element has been improved to enable you to just keep shooting. It’s all about sensational image quality; reliability; consistency, security and safety in knowing that every single capture is there and safe.”


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