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Lois Greenfield – Moving Still

Lois became well known in the 1980’s for her groundbreaking images of dancers caught mid air in gravity defying configurations. Using the Hasselblad 500CM camera, she became intrigued with the square format.


It was a challenge to compose dancers within a square image, and that produced unique compositions that became the cornerstone of her signature style. She invested the negative’s black border with the dramatic task of not only containing the flying forms, but also in radically cropping them.


Today Lois shoots with a Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back on the same 500CM Hasselblad body, but her method is the same – shooting one image at a time! For Lois, timing is not about capturing the “peak moment”, but about finding the expressive gestures and enigmatic scenarios embedded in the dancers’ movements. Working on assignment with the CFV-50c back, Lois was impressed with the superior quality of the skin tones in her images, as well as the detail and sharpness in her digital files.



If you are in London on Sunday May 22nd, don’t miss out as Lois will be giving a talk at Photo London at Somerset House

She will be presenting her newest body of work, and will also be discussing its themes and her artistic process with Andrew Sanigar, Thames & Hudson’s Commissioning Editor of Photography.
Learn more at



Lois teaches Dance Photography workshops using her Hasselblad system in her NYC studio. To learn more about her upcoming workshop the weekend of June 11th-12th visit


If you are looking to invest in a Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back it is currently availiable for a special promotion learn more here

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