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Light and Land - Stowe Gardens

2015-04-29 Landscape photographers get their ‘hands-on a Hasselblad’.


B84403522Delegates at the recent Light and Land Workshop at Stowe Gardens had the opportunity to get their ‘hands-on a Hasselblad’, with Hasselblad Master, Charlie Waite, sharing his tips and tricks along the way.

Charlie, a Hasselblad ambassador and the UK’s best known landscape photographer, gave an introduction to landscape photography, offering his knowledge and experience to an enthusiastic group of photographers and walking them around the beautiful gardens of the National Trust’s Stowe Gardens.


Delegates get hands-on with the Hasselblad H5D

As a well known user of Hasselblad’s iconic V Series cameras, shooting landscapes on film as a square format, Charlie has recently gone digital with the new Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back. This 50 MPixel CMOS sensor back simply replaces Charlie’s film backs by clipping on to the back of the existing camera body, allowing him to continue to shoot as he always has done but with the resulting images captured in a digital format with stunning colours, 14 stops of dynamic range and crystal clarity.

As an official partner of Light and Land, Hasselblad will be looking to attend several Light and Land workshops over the summer months, allowing delegates to get ‘hands-on’ with the cameras and supporting their education throughout the courses.


Charlie Waite shares his knowledge and experience

The workshop at Stowe Gardens provided the delegates with an amazing backdrop of immaculate gardens, stunning architecture and generally, very picturesque landscapes. Charlie lead the group around some of the more obvious shooting locations, whilst also allowing the freedom for the group to wander ‘off-track’ to explore their own shooting positions.

Mark Witney, the Hasselblad representative at the workshop, saw great value in the event, “What more could the delegates want? A great tutor in Charlie Waite, the stunning location of Stowe Gardens and the opportunity to use a Hasselblad for their shots! It’s great to be a partner for the Light and Land workshops and we look forward to attending many more with some cameras over the coming months.”

For more information on Charlie Waite and Light and Land, please visit their respective websites:

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