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Karl Taylor Fashion and Beauty Workshop

2015-05-07 Karl Taylor offers Fashion & Beauty training in his own studio.


With most of his ‘students’ used to seeing him on DVD and YouTube videos, and being based on the fairly remote island of Guernsey, not many photographers get to even meet photography trainer Karl Taylor in the flesh, let alone visit his workshop for three days of personal tuition.

However, this is what eight fortunate photographers got to experience when they booked up on Karl’s Fashion and Beauty Workshop, held in Karl’s very own state-of-the-art studio just outside St. Peter’s Port on the island of Guernsey.


Karl Taylor is one of the world’s leading photography trainers.

And what’s more, the delegates not only got to pick up lots of tips and tricks to take back and apply to their own fashion photography, but they also got to have a play with an assortment of Hasselblad cameras and lenses and a wide range of broncolor lamp heads and light shapers.

Practicing mainly as a commercial and product photographer for his main ‘day job’, Karl is also one of the world’s leading photography trainers, loved for his ability to explain theories and techniques in a simple and understandable way, with an element of informality and humour thrown in.


Delegates had the opportunity to shoot a variety of different lighting setups.

The workshop was a big success for all the delegates, with them not just sat back and watching Karl, but also getting involved in their own shoots with a professional fashion model, analysing images and problem solving their lighting techniques.

With Karl’s experience and presentation skills, the studio facilities, the picturesque location of Guernsey, Karl’s friendly team, and of course the Hasselblad and broncolor kit on offer, the workshops are a must for any photographer looking to extend their skills and further their techniques.

For more information on Karl Taylor and his training and workshops, please visit Karl Taylor Photography.

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