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Introducing a new A5D aerial camera range

2015-06-04 Hasselblad is set to launch a new ‘ultimate image quality’ A5D System aerial camera range with no internal moving parts. The innovative A5D cameras will offer global customers in the mapping, surveying and systems integration sectors latest Hasselblad capture technology and unparalleled lens options.

The series takes off with three sensor options: a CCD-based A5D-40 and A5D-60 and a CMOS-based A5D-50c – and the company has plans for more to follow.


Perry Oosting, CEO: “The A5D is an important breakthrough for us in what is a fast-growing and demanding global ‘special applications’ segment. Hasselblad has a very long history of working with speciality photography segments and the development of new technologies. Back in the 1940s the very first Hasselblad camera was an aerial camera. The Swedish government asked Victor Hasselblad if he had the skills to produce a camera identical to one that had been captured. Victor famously said: ‘No, but I can make a better one’. That is a mantra that still exists at Hasselblad today.”




For more information on the Hasselblad A5D aerial camera click here

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