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西村 一光 3|Ikko Nishimura

Hasselblad Ambassador 2015 Ikko Nishimura

ハッセルブラッドアンバサダー2015 フォトグラファー 西村 一光 氏


150223_2504-reH5D-50c, HC120mm, ISO100, f16, 1秒150223_2495-reH5D-50c, HC120mm, ISO100, f16, 1秒 150223_2482-reH5D-50c, HC50-100mm@110mm, ISO100, f16, 1秒 150223_2444-reH5D-50c, HC120mm, ISO100, f11, 1/250秒



This is the product shooting for smart lock robot “Akerun” by H5D-50c.
The Akerun ( is the door key to use smart phone. The design is extremely sophisticated and the theme of this time is to express the futuristic world view.
The photo shoot had the image to be come up the product characteristic, so the black back ground was used.
Using live view in phocus software for the focus adjustment, product location, and angle delicate adjustment were easily set up. We can check it almost in real time, it is very useful when we need such delicate shooting.
Also slow shutter was used to accustom strobe light and LED from the product. The captured image shows amazing dynamic range and a beautiful gradation.

Ikko Nishimura|西村 一光

早稲田大学教育学部卒業後、都内の写真事務所でカメラアシスタントを経て2006年AshCreateを設立。広告、ファッション写真を中心に撮影をする傍ら、アイドルの写真を紹介するサイトTOKYO IDOL NET ( の運営や、カメラ関連のワークショップの講師を勤める。

After graduating from Waseda University Ikko Nishimura became an assistant in a Tokyo based studio and created his own fashion and advertising studio, Ash Create, in 2006. Besides advertising and fashion photography, Nishimura conducts camera-related workshops as well as manages TOKYO IDOL NET, a web site that introduces idols.

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