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How to shine by breaking rules

New Hasselblad Ambassador Julie Christine Krøvel – Prinsessen av Frogner delights in breaking photographic rules, an approach that enables her to produce fashion images that are both distinct and unique.Julie - Prinsessen av FrognerOslo and Copenhagen-based fashion and beauty photographer Julie Christine Krøvel – Prinsessen av Frogner creates a devastatingly different brand of imagery, full of life, brash colours and adventurous lighting. It has marked her out as a real talent on the world stage, but she’s achieved her distinctive style by breaking the rules.Prinsessen av Frogner - Hasselblad“I wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember,” she says. “I purchased my first SLR in 1988 and started shooting my friends at home. I bought lamps, different lenses and gel filters, trying to create the atmosphere I wanted, and I never did the same thing twice. I loved to do everything the ‘wrong’ way, in particular cross-processing films until I achieved the look I was after. Everything for me was about experimentation and that’s how I came to my own style.”Prinsessen av Frogner - HasselbladHer favoured camera has always been a Hasselblad, and it’s accompanied her on a variety of memorable occasions – such as the time she photographed One Direction just before they performed to 30,000 screaming fans and on a very special portrait shoot with the legendary Dolly Parton.Julie - Prinsessen av Frogner“No one else was allowed to enter the room for about ten minutes prior to the session,” Julie recalls. “It was completely quiet and I was just pacing back and forth. No assistant, nothing. Total silence, waiting… Suddenly someone said hello from behind my back and placed her hand on my side. I turned around and there she was. Wow… Dolly, and she had touched me! “I smiled and said hello and we became instant friends on set. She was so nice and knew exactly what she wanted. And my H3D delivered exquisite images like it always does. I carried my Hasselblad like a new-born baby to my studio afterwards and felt so proud. What a fantastic and memorable shoot!A 19999”Julie is now working with the H6D-50c paired with the new versions of 35-90mm, 120mm macro and 80mm lenses. Future investments will be the 28mm and 210mm, while the new X1-D is also on the agenda. “I saw it at the launch in Gothenburg and it was love at first sight. For me, this is a petite camera I will take with me everywhere, both in my purse as well as a backup professional camera.”Julie - Prinsessen av FrognerJulie says she is honoured to be asked to become a Hasselblad ambassador, and she’s looking forward to meeting new colleagues, talking about her work and sharing endless stories. “Every shoot has a history,” she says, “and I remember it all, even after fourteen years and hundreds of fashion series. “And it’s amazing to be connected to Hasselblad in this way. After all, this is my beloved camera, which has shaped my entire career. As I tell my clients, I’m very proud to work with a camera that has visited the moon. If you’ve been to the moon, then everything is possible!”

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