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How a Czech photographer and an H5D-50c make history come to life – spectacularly.

They say history repeats itself – but when innovative Prague-based photographer and artist Jan Rambousek steps back in time to recreate a special moment, history tends to be far more compelling second time around.

The now internationally acclaimed works of art produced by his team at Unique and Limited (Fine Art Collectibles) can sell for $5500 for a large format (220 x 94cm) print. Jan’s exclusive production technique uses a combination of original photography with advanced 3D graphics to bring historical events back to life in truly spectacular fashion.

He says “Our mission is to re-energize inspiring stories from the past by using modern technology to create premium large-scale prints that allow present and future generations to experience history like never before.”

After ten years working in the advertising industry dealing with  ‘demanding clients’ Jan Rambousek set about pursuing his dream – to develop a new type of fine art; realistic high-definition images creating historic moments, particularly in motor sport.

Three years ago he developed the first ideas for his benchmark Silver Arrows project – a dramatic visual recreation of memorable moments from twelve different races from the pre-WW11 era when Germany dominated the Grand Prix circuit. Jan’s unique approach highlighted details that could never have been captured with the photographic technology available at the time.

Now this imaging pioneer has been using a Hasselblad H5D-50c for a scintillating Ferrari 250 GTO shoot (today these cars are worth millions of dollars) This collection features these racing cars in action at Le Mans in 1962 and at the Targa Florio Italy in 1964.

Additionally the H5D-50c has been put through its paces for the ‘Flying Heroes’ (75th anniversary of The Battle of Britain) shoot


Notes Jan “The 50 Megapixel CMOS sensor; excellent high ISO performance and high dynamic range are the outstanding features of this camera that help us with these shoots- especially the ‘Flying Heroes’ sessions – since we were outside at 5am each day dealing with some very challenging light situations.”

Jan reveals that around a thousand hours of production time goes into every single visual. “It’s so time-consuming because we need extreme levels of detail as we aim for a minimum resolution of 20,000 pixels (width).  We are also producing behind-the-scenes videos that give a glimpse of all the hard work that goes into our creations. Nobody else is currently doing what we do. It is a new type of art.”

messerschmitt spitfire

Jan’s team will be at the Goodwood Revival September (11-13)

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