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Hasselblad X1D: ‘Our favourite’ at ‘Focus 2016 Awards’

The new Hasselblad X1D received an award for ‘Our favourite’ at the recent ‘Focus 2016 Awards’.


Hosted by French website, ’Focus Numerique’, the awards were held for the 4th year in a row and the editors voted to crown the best products in the photography market of 2016.

The editor in chief, Renaud Labracherie described the Hasselblad X1D medium format camera as: “the surprise of the summer of 2016”. The X1D impressed with its ability to fit a medium format sensor in a small compact body; “Who can think there is medium format 50MP sensor in this body? This camera is opening the doors of a new era of high resolution photographies.”

The awards were attended by the majority of the industry’s leading brands, with award categories spanning everything from cameras, lenses, smartphone, and drones.

Learn more about the award-winning Hasselblad X1D at

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