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Hasselblad photographer Pepe Castro launches 'Faces Book'

2015-11-03 Pepe Castro, an acclaimed Spanish portrait photographer based near Madrid has launched ‘Faces Book’ – a body of work comprising over eighty portraits of famous names in contemporary Spanish society.

Faces Book tells the full story behind each image and reveals Pepe’s hugely successful way of capturing outstanding portraiture within a challenging photo-discipline, exploiting key lighting techniques and posing skills.


Hasselblad user Pepe’s list of famous sitters for the book includes actors; Santiago Segura, Paco León, Dani Rovira, Gabino Diego and Tony Leblanc; journalists; renowned chefs; comedians, singers and political figures.

Completely self-taught, Pepe is a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo. Co-director of the magazine DNG Photo Magazine and CEO in Unbuenplan Group.


Pepe tells us: “I have always loved photography and portraits have particularly fascinated me. I was inspired by the work of the great masters in this field, people such as Avedon and Penn, and I wondered what it would feel like to photograph the kinds of people they did and whether, like them, if I had just one session with my subject I could finish on top.

I do a type of portrait that is generally in black and white and which focuses on my subject’s face, gestures and eyes,” To do this, I rely on close-ups and 30 to 45-minute sessions with my subjects, trying to strip away the inevitable pose that they initially adopt and to go somewhat further.”

Faces Book is available here

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