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Hasselblad Masters Awards 2016: Product Category Winner Giorgio Cravero

2016-02-12 ‘The thought of spending my life in an office analysing numbers was too scary’

A steady career in finance appeared to be beckoning for Giorgio Cravero when he left school and headed for university to study economics.

hasselblad_masters_2016_product_giorgiocraveroWinning entry in the Product category photographed by Hasselblad Master Giorgio Cravero 

But after two years the realisation dawned that number crunching wasn’t really what he was cut out to do. “The thought of spending the rest of my life in an office analysing data was too scary. I’ve always been a curious person fascinated by visual imagery, and I’d been taking photographs for myself for a few years by this point. Now I knew that I enjoyed this too much for it to remain just a pastime, and I decided to make it my life.”

Giorgio moved sideways and signed up for a three-year course at the European Institute of Design, supporting himself through his studies by working as a photographic assistant for some of his school professors.

He graduated with top marks in Visual Communication opened his own studio in Turin, specialising in architecture and still life.

“As with all perfectionists, I’ve always felt the need to have total control over what I do,” he says, “and studio still life attracted me because I was able to totally control the light. I’m not a ‘fast’ photographer: I need to think, to try out lighting and composition until I’m completely satisfied. I’m always researching new ideas and starting fresh personal projects to improve my portfolio.

“The banana picture that won me the Hasselblad Masters Award was part of a project I started that studied the relationship between food, man and nature. We hung fruit and vegetables and then partially dipped them into a pot of Tempera Paint, pulled them out and waited for the best ‘drip’ moment. Once I’d chosen the best picture the studio’s post-production supervisor Ivan Nikodimovich worked on them, de-saturating, cleaning and adjusting the colour parameters in order to even it out between the tempera and the objects.”

When he heard that the shot had won him the Masters prize Giorgio had to read his letter several times before it all sank in. “To me, this is both an arrival and a departure point,” he notes. “An arrival because it feels like all the hard work I put into it has been recognised. “It’s also a departure point because I’m ambitious and would love to have the opportunities to take on more international jobs. I think of myself at the beginning of my path, and this prize from Hasselblad is a big help to me. It gives me the chance to get closer to my aims.”

Facebook: Studio Blu 2.0

Instagram: @giorgiocravero


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The ten winners will be tasked to create a new and unique set of images, using a Hasselblad Medium Format camera, embracing the theme ‘Inspire’ (coinciding with Hasselblad’s 75th anniversary) for the latest edition of the Hasselblad Masters Book. The Winners will receive their trophy and their own Hasselblad camera to keep at a special photokina 2016 ceremony in Cologne this September.


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