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Hasselblad Master Jake Reeder: it’s about time

The theme ‘Inspire’ that all the Hasselblad Masters had to explore this year immediately made Project 21 winner Jake Reeder think about high quality, hand produced watches. He approached manufacturer Maximilian Büsser and Friends (MB&F) to set up a shoot that explored the process behind the production of the company’s handcrafted timepieces.hasselblad_master_2016_jake_reeder1“Everything went far better than I had ever dared hope,” he says. “The team at MB&F is hugely passionate and its creativity is infectious. Like Hasselblad, I believe they represent the best of tradition combined with the best of innovation. After I approached them they opened all their doors to me, and being able to operate without restrictions really made life easy.”hasselblad_master_2016_jake_reeder12“The main challenge was the limited amount of time I had on the project. I’m currently completing my honours year and, as part of this, have to produce a thesis, so ultimately I could only spare four days within which to shoot. I had a friend assisting me so we were able to keep things lean and quick, and we both put long days in. Despite the pressures everything ran smoothly, and I was able to really enjoy my experience with a group of people whom I’ve admired for a long time. It was an honour to work with a company that’s so on top of its game, and I hope my shots have done them justice.”hasselblad_master_2016_jake_reeder5“Naturally it was a pleasure to be shooting with the Hasselblad. I’ve used the camera since July 2014 and remember the date like an anniversary! It’s so important when you’re in these new places, meeting these new people and pushing yourself that you have a trusty companion by your side. I’m a bit emotionally attached to be completely honest! There’s also that amazing feeling when you open the files up for the first time, and there’s just so much information to play with: it’s been great. As someone who regularly puts in long days and shoots on location as often as I do, I have to admit my back and I are looking forward to sharing the really demanding shoot workload with the smaller, lighter X1D!”hasselblad_master_2016_jake_reeder4

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