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第2回 ハッセルブラッド・ディスカバリー@明治村 レポート

The report from the 2nd Hasselblad Discovery at Meiji-mura.




講師はハッセルブラッド・アンバサダーのフォトグラファー 槙島・デリックとグッドリッチ・アルフィーの両氏。ハッセルブラッドのカメラとプロフォトのB2とB1を使って、素晴らしい着物姿のモデルの新海華子さんと河辺里奈さんを建物と一緒に撮影することができました。どうぞ生徒の皆さんが撮られた写真をご覧ください。


The second Hasselblad Discovery tour was held last week at the Meiji-Mura in Aichi, Inuyama city near Nagoya. The one-day workshop was in the amazing open-air museum which houses more than 60 relocated original Meiji era buildings with artistic and historic value, from all over Japan including 12 ‘important cultural properties’.


The day began in the torrential rain by assembling at Nagoya station and then a one-hour drive to the venue. This is when the miracle happened. Right after arriving at the entrance to the museum, the rain suddenly stopped and the clouds began to clear. The area inside is huge and we managed to only cover about 10% of the buildings but each one had a story and a beauty of their own.


The Photographers this time were Hasselblad Ambassadors, Derek Makishima and Alfie Goodrich. With two amazing models Hanako Shinkai and Rina Kawabe, in contemporary Kimonos, and using Hasselblad’s latest equipment along with Profoto’s latest B2 and B1 strobes, the shoot began. The day ended in sunshine and a round up of the day. All that is left is to say please have a look at the photos taken by students to see the results.

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