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Introducing Hasselblad Ambassadors AORTA

2016-03-07 AORTA is a photographic duo consisting of Hasselblad Ambassadors Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän. They have worked together since 1996 when they first met during photography studies at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.AORTAAORTA creates staged photographs to which they apply subtle narratives. Their editorial fashion photography frequently explores introspective mind states of solitary female characters.PARADISE_LOST_91000widePARADISE_LOST_111000wideFashion story made for Schön magazine. Tells the tale of a disillusioned woman who departs from civilisation and heads for an idealised vision of nature.  

These mind states are reflected in elaborate surreal settings which they construct as miniature sets. Their aesthetics are defined by hard lights and limited colour palettes that sculptures and creates depth in their imagery.STUFF_BLUEICE1000wide STUFF_SNAILPUMPKIN1000widePersonal experiments with shape and color, exploring the meaning of objects and how it is created through juxtaposition.  

Apart from numerous editorials for magazines such as WIRED, Schön, 125 and Elle they have had solo exhibitions in Gothenburg (Röda Sten) and in Stockholm (Fotomässan). They have participated in group exhibitions in Seoul (KAPA), Cannes (Festival International de la photographie de mode), London (125Live). AORTA is represented in the collection of the “National Museum of Photography” in Horten, Norway. AORTA has also created advertising for a wide range of companies such as Ikea, Volvo, Panasonic, Tele2, Monki, History Channel, AMC, Canal+, C-more, Harvey Nichols, Finnair, Tuborg and many more.SCHON_spheres1000wideSCHON_wedding1000wideImages made for Schön Magazine. Images inspired by female aristocrats in the 18th century and the way they experimented with fashion. The crumbling of old hierarchies expressed in the set design.  


Marco and Kristian are based in the hometown of Hasselblad, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Facebook: Aorta

Instagram: @aorta_photo

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