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Why top China-based wedding photographer Sails Chong is married to our H5D-50c

2015-09-28 China is a tough place to be if you’re a wedding photographer. It’s a ferociously competitive marketplace and to be successful you’ve got to be at the top of your game and constantly looking to create outstanding images of the highest quality. 

And to stay ahead of the game Sails Chong (Next-Image Studio) made a decision three years ago to upgrade from 35mm DSLR capture to Hasselblad medium format.

Says Sails: “We invested then in the H4D System and took advantages of the wide variety of lens options that gave us. Then last year we made the step up to the CMOS-based H5D-50c and clearly remember the first time we used it. I carefully adjusted the ISO speed range from ISO 400 to 800 and up to 6400 – and the subsequent performance completely outweighed our expectations.

This camera has really enhanced our work style overall and the brilliant True Focus feature means we can just concentrate on shooting and not be concerned about sharpness.”

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