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Hasselblad Master Roy Rossovich: three days, three models, fifteen locations

Roy set himself a very personal ‘Inspire’ project that involved him going back to his roots and exploring the places where his urge to create first manifested itself. It was a trip that carried great sentimental value and it turned into an amazing journey.roy_rossovich_hasselblad_masters_2016_2“When I first came up with the concept I was overrun with ideas,” he says, “but it wasn’t clear what I would be making of it till a few months after and a lot of ideas had been thrown out the door that just weren’t strong enough. Creating what became ‘Heartland’, retracing the steps of my childhood and visiting those locations that made me who I am, was such an experience in itself, and I think the finished work really shows that.”roy_rossovich_hasselblad_masters_2016_4“I took a new approach to this project where I wanted the story to feel more cinematic, photographing it all in landscape orientation with wide establishing shots to set the stage. I planned the entire shoot around the locations as they play such big a role in the story and they set the tone for the models and clothing.”roy_rossovich_hasselblad_masters_2016_3“The level of production from everyone involved was fabulous to witness. Stopping and randomly knocking on the doors of the homes where I was born and grew up, my old schools, my first job and some other special memory spots from another time, was incredible for me. All were puzzle pieces that found their way into the pages of the book in the end and it’s going to be amazing to see it in its full printed glory.”roy_rossovich_hasselblad_masters_2016_1

The Hasselblad Masters book ‘Inspire’ is available at

If you plan to visit Stockholm don’t miss Roy’s exhibition ‘Heartland’ at BumbleBee Studio, Engelbrektsgatan 21 from 18:30 on November 24th

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