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Hasselblad Master Giorgio Cravero: beauty and food

The Masters Project selected by Giorgio Cravero focused on the relationship between beauty and food. Using his commercial photography skills, he set out to create a portfolio in which every image started with a beauty product, but with a food ingredient then introduced, to change its main function while retaining its visual identity.


“The first step of my project is concluded and I’m very satisfied with it,” he says, “but my brain is already anticipating the next level. If you have a creative mind you never consider a project as being done or perfect: it needs time to bloom and every project leads to the following one. This is how I work: I find inspiration and then I go as deep as I can, trying to highlight the contents that, for me, are crucial and fundamental.”


“My advertising work brings me face to face with food every day. I see wastefulness, I see good and bad food, I see people not realising how their health and beauty are connected with what they eat. People are ruining the world, but they are ruining the inner part of themselves too. My project looks at inner beauty and apparent beauty, it’s looking at how much we care about surface values without any thought about inner deepness.”


“It’s all working out very much as I’d hoped it would, and although it’s not public yet I’m personally very satisfied with everything and am proud to stand next to it. During the preparation and production, I changed few things that weren’t working as I’d hoped they would. I believe that, to be satisfied at the end, the artist has to keep his mind fluid, and to have no fear about changing things along the way. If you realise during the shoot that something can work out better, you have to be ready to change it even if it doesn’t follow your plans! The project has to stay fluid until the end, always open to questions and suggestions. For me this is the only way to ultimately be satisfied.”


The Hasselblad Masters book ‘Inspire’ is available at


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