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Hasselblad Master Lars van de Goor: seeing the wood from the trees

Based in Lochem in the Netherlands, landscape specialist Lars van de Goor chose to work close to home for his Inspire project, focusing on details in his local woodland.

It was an opportunity to concentrate on a location that he knows intimately, but also a practical demonstration that if a photographer has the eye for it, compelling subject matter can be found almost literally on his doorstep.Lars-van-de-Goor1“I did face a few initial challenges,” admits Lars.“Primarily this was down to the light: I prefer a slightly foggy/misty morning with a little sunshine and diffuse light, and I only go out shooting when I know conditions are suitable. Unfortunately, in the one and a half months I had to complete my project, there were only two days where everything was exactly how I wanted it, and even then I had just a few hours in the morning within which to work.” Lars-van-de-Goor3“That said, I never once regretted choosing my project subject. Speulder Woods, where I was working, is my own ‘playground’ to the point where I know the individual trees there, so it all worked out really well in the end. It was also good to see the difference in results between the Hasselblad and my other gear. The quality I achieved using the camera was outstanding! When I was editing my images I could work very precisely and at almost 500%, which was a real pleasure. After a while you start to get used to that quality, but the difference was very noticeable when I revisited my older files. The very effective tools in Phocus software, which worked amazingly well with the Hasselblad files, also positively surprised me.”Lars-van-de-Goor2“Looking ahead I’m excited about the introduction of the X1D and I think the new camera will be a great addition to the existing Hasselblad line up. Natural light is changing constantly but the fact that the camera is so lightweight and compact means that any landscape photographer will be able to react to this and have his gear up and running in a matter of seconds.”

The Hasselblad Masters book ‘Inspire’ is available at

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