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Finding Inspiration in Collaboration

Great photography takes the viewer on a journey, sometimes to a world we know but from a new perspective. Sometimes that journey is to a place of wonder and fantasy. Fantasy is a realm Hasselblad Ambassadors Kevin Then and Sails Chong specialise in.Hasselblad X1D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/320sec, Aperture:f/10, Focal Length:45mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

Using the Hasselblad X1D and H6D-100c, the work that Kevin & Sails produces invokes a strong sense of fantasy, romance and wonder, utilising breathtaking locations and advanced lighting techniques to create images that have a striking cinematic and other-worldly quality to them.Hasselblad X1D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/100sec, Aperture:f/11, Focal Length:30mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

Recently, Kevin & Sails have been running a series of editorial and wedding photography projects, including workshops from the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia to ancient ruins in Japan and China. And in doing so, they have attracted a following in the hundreds of thousands, globally. The collaborative relationship between Kevin & Sails was borne out of a desire to push each other artistically. “We started these projects and keep them going in order to keep everyone excited, passionate and creative,” says Kevin.Hasselblad H5D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/250sec, Aperture:f/5,0, Focal Length:50mm, ISO:100 | © Sails Chong

The X1D is currently Kevin’s main camera, due to its sensor, minimalistic design and compact size. Speaking of his love for the X1D, Kevin said: “It’s lightweight, but equipped with a medium format sensor, and good focusing. Photography to me is also about lifestyle, with the X1D you get to look extra sexy while you’re working.

“But crucially, our clients are blown away by the image quality and rich color that these cameras can produce. In each project we are trying to realistically turn visions of fantasy into something that can be seen and felt.”Hasselblad H5D-50c, Shutter Speed:1200sec, Aperture:f/16, Focal Length:30mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

Sails has used many of the H-system cameras, but currently works with the H6D-100c for the majority of his editorial, wedding and fashion photography. But he has also had some experience with the X1D and rates it highly. Discussing his thoughts on the X1D, Sails said: “I enjoy the design and the lightweight body of the X1D, it’s so minimalistic and stylish.Hasselblad H5D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/250sec, Aperture:f/4,0, Focal Length:100mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

“Photography is always about lifestyle and convenience, small design (smaller than most of the DSLR cameras in the market) and yet powerful. It’s combining some of the latest H5D and H6D technology into a small compact body with no compromise when it comes to quality. Also, it’s the first mirrorless medium format camera with a leaf shutter on earth with the fast sync speed duration on 1/2000 shutter speed, which is impressive.Sails_Kevin_Hasselblad-Editorial_Wedding_10Hasselblad H5D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/320sec, Aperture:f/4,0, Focal Length:150mm, ISO:400 |© Kevin Then & Sails Chong 

But it’s the usability, lenses and modular capabilities of the H6D-100c that made it the camera of choice for Sails. “The H6D is lighter than many of the other medium format cameras available on the market, which is great because I often work on location. But I also enjoy the familiarity of it. From the first Hasselblad H1 model to the latest H6D, it’s so consistent in its features, performance and reliability. Once you’re familiar with operating any one of the the H-system cameras, there’s no doubt that you’d be able to run all of the others H-series cameras, easily.Hasselblad X1D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/200sec, Aperture:f/16, Focal Length:30mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

“I’m also a fan of the selection of lenses available to the H6D; the high-resolving power they produce is special, most of them support more than 100-million-megapixels of resolution. I also like the fast aperture options available. I’m proud to say I have all of the lenses available for the H6D, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the HCD 4-5,6/35-90mm.

“Then you have loads of accessories that it supports; close-up ring, extension adapter, from Legacy V lens to H-mounting adapter… You name it, they got it.”Hasselblad H5D-50c, Shutter Speed:1/125sec, Aperture:f/5,0, Focal Length:100mm, ISO:100 | © Kevin Then & Sails Chong

A relentless desire to create, drives the passionate duo to keep pushing their photography to the limits of what is realistically possible to produce in camera. Their next project, coming up in June will be collaborating with National Geographic in Borneo, stay tuned for more behind the scene videos taken from their shoots.


Kevin Then | Sails Chong

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