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Hasselblad Masters go on show at Photo13

24/01/2013 Work from the 2012 Hasselblad Masters has featured in the prestigious five-day long Photo13 festival at the MaagEventHall in the heart of Zurich, an event that attracted over 17,000 visitors.

The stunning work produced by the eleven photographers who make up the 2012 Hasselblad Masters went on show for five days at the start of January as part of the high profile Photo13 event in Zurich. Organised by Hasselblad’s Swiss Distributors Light + Byte, it’s the fourth time that the Masters have been featured in the festival and the lure of great photography plus presentations from top practitioners such as Albert Watson, Steve McCurry and Bruce Gilden was enough to attract 17,000 people through the door, 500 up on the numbers who attended in 2012.


Paul Waterworth, Hasselblad’s Global Photographer Relations Manager, was delighted with the turn out and pleased that Photo13 gave so many people a chance to see the quality of the work that the prestigious Masters competition generates.

“At photokina we simply featured one huge image from each of the Masters,” he says,  “whereas here we had more space and the chance to present all of the images, around 250 or so, which were used in the Hasselblad Masters book. It was an amazing collection of pictures, one that was fully appreciated by the large crowds who got the chance to view them.”


The format of Photo13 was similar to the one adopted last year, and it involved the innovative use of massive Styrofoam blocks to serve as an impromptu series of tables where the images could be laid out in an informal style. It’s strikingly different to the concept of framed pictures on the walls, and it gave the audience the chance to get up close and personal to the work on display.

“The MaagEventHall has a number of different spaces that Photo13 was able to use,” says Paul Merki, Owner and Managing Director at Light + Byte. “There was one main hall where we were displaying work from 120 amateur photographers that had been selected by a jury, and the idea is that these will all be images taken over the past year. The work from the Masters was in another, separate hall, and this proved hugely popular, as it always does. Yet another hall was the venue for the talks from the visiting photographers, and the big names proved to be a huge draw.


“Collectively it was a hugely attractive package that really captured the imagination of the public. The incredible work from the Masters that we were able to show was undoubtedly a crucial part of the mix.”


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