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西村 一光 2|Ikko Nishimura

Hasselblad Ambassador 2015 Ikko Nishimura

ハッセルブラッドアンバサダー2015 フォトグラファー 西村 一光 氏

建築家、田邊 正樹氏のwebサイトイメージ用の撮影カットを紹介します。

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西村 一光 (にしむら いっこう) 氏
フォトグラファー。早稲田大学教育学部卒業後、都内の写真事務所でカメラアシスタントを経て2006年AshCreateを設立。広告、ファッション写真を中心に撮影をする傍ら、アイドルの写真を紹介するサイトTOKYO IDOL NET(の運営や、カメラ関連のワークショップの講師を勤める。2015年よりHasselblad Ambassadorに。

The image shooting for the architect Mr. Masaki tanabe’s website.

In this shoot I wanted to capture street footballers playing in the dark, so I headed to Inagekaigan in Chiba prefecture.

It was mid winter around 8pm, pitch dark with no streetlights and you needed a torch just to adjust the settings on the camera.

Of course it is possible to shoot in the dark using a tripod, slow shutter speed, and with external flashes. However as I wanted to move around quickly to capture the action, and seeing it was on the streets, I didn’t want a big set up of lighting etc.

So using only the built in flash on the H5D-50c, I began shooting at ISO 3200 and 6400. I was stunned at the results and no noise at ISO 6400 plus being able to synchronise at high shutter speeds.  I was able to take fantastic movements such as jumping.

The high performance of being able to shoot in the dark is the most attractive point that H5D-50c has to offer and which has not previously been possible on a medium format camera.


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