Our Ambassadors

Peter Boettcher


Peter Boettcher started his career in the late 80’s when he shot LL Cool J, Morrissey, Sonic Youth, Salt ‘n’ Pepper, and R.E.M. for the independent music-magazine “spex”. Works for magazines as stern, Zeitmagazin and Vogue followed. In 1991 Peter Boettcher photographed the electronic pioneers KRAFTWERK in their legendary KLING-KLANG-Studio in Düsseldorf. This was the starting of a close and intense collaboration that continues to this day. Peter’s portraits don’t follow any short-lived trends. From the beginning he concentrated on the person according to the motto: Less is more. Aside from his work with artists and musicians, Peter shoots commercials and editorials for clients such as Deutsche Bank, P7/Sat1 and Loreal.


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