Our Ambassadors

Nick Tresidder

New Zealand

Nick Tresidder is a New Zealand born, London raised photographer. He is proud father to four great boys, and somehow managed to marry his beautiful wife Stephanie some 25 years ago. Nick was an early adopter of digital, buying a Kodak DCS 460 at the end of the last century. That camera very quickly taught him what bad digital images looked like and led him to search for a better option. That search led him to the excellent Imacon 3020 which he used on his Hasselblad 503CW. Nick worked closely with Imacon and continued that relationship when they became Hasselblad, setting up and running a forum for Hasselblad users.

Over the years Nick has specialised in food and is now highly in demand for his food packaging photography specialising in using artificial light to mimic natural light in a way that is repeatable to suit the demands of clients.

Nick send his clients Champagne for Christmas, once came second in a photography competition, and generally talks about himself in the third person.


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