Our Ambassadors

Jonathan Heyer


Jonathan Heyer is a Swiss commercial photographer.
He stages his images so that they retain an air of authenticity, testing every possibility in order to capture a moment while making it seem effortless.

Jonathan is at home with both photography and video – or a combination of both.

Those who have worked with him know him as someone who never shies away from a challenge and pushes the boundaries of what is possible using digital photography and composition. He is distinguished by his incredible understanding of people and animals, including children; his positive attitude is contagious.

Jonathan’s clients include both national and international advertising agencies and commercial customers. He shoots at various locations around the world, or at his own studio in Zurich – whichever suits the job in question.
He has been selected as one of Lürzer’s Archive’s 200 best commercial photographers in the world, a major honor, and has also been awarded the renowned EWZ Selection prize in the Advertising category several times. He is a member of ADC Switzerland.

Jonathan’s success is the result of years of hard work. He was born in Zurich in 1977, and undertook a photography apprenticeship after studying at the Steiner School, completing his training in 2002. He opened his own fully digital studio in 2004, and has been working non-stop at his passion ever since. He continues to develop and hone his skills, driven by a desire to remain at the cutting edge of technology and make his customer’s wishes a reality. In turn, he passes on his knowledge to budding photographers as a trainer and instructor.


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