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Dietmar Baum


The art of success and the art of living are the two cornerstones of Hamburg artist Dietmar Baum’s life and work. For almost 30 years now the entrepreneur has dedicated himself successfully to diverse international art and design projects. Portrait, landscape, documentation and product photography, every kind of photography gets an artistic mark. Photography is a tool that he uses to communicate impressions as he sees them. “The color space and the choice of Hasselblad lenses give me enough freedom and room for development,” says Baum. His choice of motif, the combination of perspective and colour on a natural way and the ability to seize the special moment and the fine details let the viewer feel the story behind the pictures and the passion of the artist. Two of his key themes are basic environmental and human values. He is passionate about creating perfect compositions of light and capturing moments that people would probably otherwise have missed in photographic images.


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