Our Ambassadors

Bara Prasilova

Czech Republic

Bara Prasilova is a photographer and art director based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Hasselblad camera has been her companion for more than twenty years since the very start of her career and was appointed Hasselblad Master in 2014.

Her work remains on the borderline of commercial and fine art photography. Her clients appreciate her signature style combining absurd humour, alarming beauty, playfulness, mild cruelty as well as her persistent passion for perfection.

Her job frequently involves her own demanding props production which she later combines with advantages of digital photography in post production. Both her free artwork and work on commission have been exhibited all over the world and many of them awarded international prizes.

Clients that have hired Bara to create photographs or entire campaigns are for instance Vitra, Ikea, The Czech National Theatre, Newsweek magazine and other.

Bara`s personal goal is to cultivate beauty and feminine style along with humor and sense of lightness in visual arts.

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