The Hasselblad Experience

Inspiring photography experiences around the world

Hosted by a selection of top photographers, you will have access to a range of professional Hasselblad equipment during the trips including the X1D and all existing lenses. Whether you are new to photography or an established photographer, you will learn a variety of techniques to develop your skills, and perfect your shooting and composition while visiting some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes.

From the natural phenomenon of Iceland to Slovenian mountains, you will embark on the ultimate trip of your choosing for a breath-taking, informative and inspiring expedition. During each Hasselblad Experience, product experts will be on site to ensure that you have confidence using the cameras and to improve your photographic style.

The complete schedule of The Hasselblad Experience will continue to evolve.

The Hasselblad Experience brings you to

Workshop in Lisbon in cooperation with Ivo von Renner

May 6-10 or June 17-21, 2017
Street photography

Go to Lisbon for five days and put your hands on a Hasselblad X1D photographing the Lisbon landscape. Ivo is well known for his staging of cars and people for many of the worlds greatest brands. During this workshop you will take part of his long expertise. Read more about…

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Slovenia in Springtime in cooperation with Muench Workshops

May 2-12 2017
Landscape photography

This ten day experience in the Slovenian Alps gives you mountains, glacial lakes, rivers and historical cities in a beautiful time of the year. You will be guided in areas far from the tourist places but also full guiding of the Hasselblad X1D by the amazing landscape photographer Andy Williams. Read…

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Iceland, The Beauty of the Aurora Borealis, in cooperation with Better Moments

Landscape photography

The Iceland veteran and Hasselblad Master Hans Strand shares his most amazing locations on this winter island of geysers, volcanos and glaciers. He instructs you in both the Hasselblad X1D and the landscape. Learn how to capture the Aurora Borealis and get a shoot between the continental plates. Read more about…

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Scotland, Into thin air, in cooperation with Better Moments

October 14 – 21, 2017
Landscape photography

The Isle of Sky is famous for its dramatic coastline and offers you great moments for landscape photographing among mountain tops and boat trips. The distinguished fine art photographer Tom D Jones guides you in the classroom and on location discovering the mythical Scotland during eight days. Read more about…

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Kananaskis Country in cooperation with Muench Workshops

September 13–18, 2017
Landscape photography

Join us for a special opportunity to work with the new Hasselblad X1D system and all three Muench Workshops owners, Marc, Andy & David. We’ll partake in our usual incredible landscape photoshoots, and include time in private meeting rooms to review results and teach proper technique your system as well…

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