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Phocus Tips


Adjustments Browser tip part 1

The Adjustment browser is one of the available tools within the Phocus tool area.

Phocus Adjustments Browser tip part 2

Adjustments can be created quickly and easily within the Adjustment Browser. To create your own adjustment follow the steps below.

Phocus Adjustments Browser tip part 3

Adjustments can be created quickly and easily within the Adjustment Browser. To create your own adjustment follow the steps below.

Color Exposure

Phocus has a very simple, but powerful Color Correction tool. Rather like selective color in Photoshop it allows us to target a color and make specific changes to that color based on a expandable range.


Cropping in Phocus is achieved by using the crop tool in the Viewer Toolbar along with the “Crop and Orientation” tool and the “Output Preview Tool

Dust Removal

Phocus 2.6 saw the inclusion of the new Dust Removal tool.
This tool is designed to quickly remove spots caused by dust particles on the sensor.

Job Info

Setting up for a Tethered Shoot
The Job Info tool in Phocus is the one stop place to ensure everything is in place for a tethered capture session.


Keywording in Phocus
Phocus provides a simple yet powerful keywording interface, based on the IPTC standards. (www,iptc.org)


Working with Layouts in Phocus allows you to customise the workspace to your own preferences.

Navigator Tool

The Navigator tool can be used in several ways providing not only a navigation function but also a loupe function.

Output Presets

Output presets decide on the following elements when outputting a file...


Phocus has an advanced overlay function to help you create an image to strict guidelines as perhaps supplied by an Art Director.

Phocus Mobile

Phocus Mobile is a remote application designed to work with Phocus (currently Mac only). Phocus Mobile allows remote control of your H4D system, rating of images and remote viewing. Phocus Mobile is available free from the Apple App Store.


Phocus has some options for controlling print output directly from the software. Full size images can be printed as well as Contact Sheets.

Quick Modify

Changing One Tool Setting on Multiple Images
While the toolbar Modify function can be used to batch modify images with a variety of different tool settings, it is also possible to perform a quick modify with individual tools.

Remote Control

Through Phocus by Hasselblad, our capture and processing software, it is possible to access many of the commands on the camera.

Right Click

Throughout Phocus there are may different places you can use a Right mouse click command or Ctrl-Click command. This often brings up contextual menus with short cuts.

Thumbnail Browser

The thumbnail browser in Phocus has many options for customising the appearance to your own needs. Learn some of them here.

Tool Area

The tool area in Phocus is where all the adjustment and information tools reside. It is situated on the right hand side of the Phocus environment.


In Phocus it is possible to change the layout and contents of the main toolbar.