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Icelandic Adventure with Hans Strand

2015-01-28 Celebrated Swedish photographer Hans Strand has just published his latest book, and this one is very close to his heart. Entitled “Iceland Above and Below”, it’s a collection of work shot in that country on the ground and from an aerial perspective.

“When I visited Iceland for the first time in 1995 it was love at first sight,” Hans says. “Now I must have travelled there around 20 times to take pictures.”

Naturally Hans, a previous Hasselblad Master in the Landscape category, used his favourite Hasselblad cameras to shoot most of the material in the book, and the quality of his vision is outstanding.

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1. Icy Coast, Jo¦êkulsarlon, June 2013 2 sepIcy Coast, Near Jökulsarlon, June 2013 / H3DII-50 + HC28mm + HTS-Adapter, ISO 100, f16 at 1,3 sec


2. Reflection, Landmannalaugar, July 2009Reflection, Landmannalaugar, July 2009 / H3DII-50 + HC28mm, ISO 100, f11 at 1/15 sec


3. Mountains of Fjallabak, June 2013Mountains of Fjallabak, June 2013 / H3DII-50 + HC50mm II, ISO 200, f9 at 1/800 sec


4. Fjallabak, June 2013Fjallabak, June 2013 / H3DII-50 + HC50mm II, ISO 200, f9 at 1/800 sec


5. River Arch, Landeyjarsandur, July 2009River Arch, Landeyjasandur, July 2009 / H3DII-50 + HC80mm, ISO200, f4,5 at 1/800 sec


6. River Flow, Skeidararsandur, July 2009River Flow, Skeidararsandur, July 2009 / H3DII-50 + HC80mm, ISO200, f5,6 at 1/750 sec


7. Hvitarvatn, July 2009Hvítarvatn, July 2009 / H3DII-50 + HC80mm, ISO200, f4,8 at 1/800 sec


8. Waterfall Bruarfoss, June 2014Waterfall Brúarfoss, June 2014 / H3DII-50 + HC28mm, ISO 50, f18 at 1/10 sec


9. Waterfall Ha¦üifoss, July 2009Waterfall Háifoss, July 2009 / H3DII-50 + HC120mm Macro, ISO100, f8 at 1/80 sec


10. The eruption of Eyjafjallajo¦êkull, May 2010Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, May 2010 / H4D-40 + HC80mm, ISO 200, f7 at 1/800 sec

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