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VICTOR is a physical exploration showcasing the marvels of photography. It is an exquisitely printed and hardbound magazine. Or book even. It is known for, talked about and established as one of the world’s leading photo publications. VICTOR embodies our approach to perfection and testaments the craftsmanship of the world’s most eminent professionals. The magazine is published twice-yearly and each edition features a truly masterful line-up of Hasselblad photographers and their work of greatness.

VICTOR3_cover2BOOK 3

This – our third issue – firmly established VICTOR as one of the world’s leading photography publications. Continuing our commitment to showcase Hasselblad photographers and exclusive photography in a uniquely stunning and immersive large-format print experience, VICTOR retains pride of place at the forefront of print publishing and photography titles

In the following pages, we curate a stunning and immersive experience through the exceptional work of our photographic contributors and artists. Book Three includes among its portfolios Bernhard Edmaier with an exclusive edit of his forthcoming book Colours of the Earth, featuring extraordinary aerial landscapes shaped by geological forces over vast stretches of time, untouched by human hands (pp.54-73). From here to Alisha Goldstein’s powerfully human series of ‘Avedon-esque’ portraits celebrating characters and their stories from Compton and South Central in Los Angeles (pp.74-93). Goldstein comments: “What they all have in common, beyond where they grew up and live, is an immense strength, pride and vulnerability”. Continuing an ‘Americana’ theme, Timothy Hogan’s ‘FINproject’ tracks the history of surfing through the evolution of waveriding fins in his comprehensive photographic study pages (pp.106-117).

Klaus Thymann is the driving force behind Project Pressure, a not-for-profit organisation documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers to highlight the impact of climate change. His attention is turned in this issue to the vanishing town of Kiruna in Sweden (pp.130-149). Brad Harris, meanwhile, headed out to the salt flats of Utah and Bonneville with a group of car and motorbike enthusiasts to push their vehicles and themselves to their absolute limits in a series of speed trials (pp.182-201).

And, finally, back to the beginning. VICTOR – Photography Book Three is opened by David Lynch, well-known for his work in art, television, music and even – his most recent obsession – coffee. Here, he shares his photography in his surreal and thought-provoking series, Small Images.

Hasselblad has been trading for over a century and a half and we are very aware of our place within this long and respected heritage. As technology constantly updates and evolves, the core relationship between photographer and subject remains the same in its intimacy. A similarly intimate experience is available for you, the reader, as you look through this issue. Hasselblad – and all our photographers – are exacting in working to the very highest standard. This book is a testament to their craft.





Pirelli 2013

STEVE MCCURRY was born in Pennsylvania and first came to prominence for his images taken while embedded with Mujahideen during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. His portrait of an orphaned Afghan girl became one of the best-known photos of the conflict.


Voodoo Perou

PEROU is a British fashion and portrait photographer who has shot everyone in modern culture from Daniel Craig and Vivienne Westwood to Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins.



For this issue PEROU shoots an exclusive collaboration with adidas Originals titled Concrete, featuring their Spring/Summer 2013 collection (pages 162-173).


Falling Beauty

CHRISTIAN MALDONADO is a Brazilian photographer who has worked in business, production and documentaries. Formerly a Hasselblad Master Finalist, he also publishes books.



MICHAEL LEVIN is an award-winning photographer represented by 18 galleries worldwide. Best known for his black and white work, his recent work included here has seen him switch to colour.



ALEC SOTH lives in Minnesota. As well as working as a photographer, he also helped found the small publishing house Little Brown Mushroom, which works closely with photographers, writers and designers to distribute their stories.


In Their Element

CHRIS WALTER is an underwater photographer and 2014 Hasselblad Masters Finalist. He worked extensively with Hasselblad to build his own aquatic camera for his shoots.



JOE WINDSOR-WILLIAMS originally worked in fashion and lifestyle photography, but his focus is now on car photography.



GUIDO ARGENTINI was born in Florence and lives in Los Angeles. A fine art photographer, he is best known for his studies of women and has shot for the likes of Vogue, Playboy and GQ.


DAVID HOCKNEY is one of the most influential British artists of the last fifty years. He has experimented with digital and camera technologies throughout his artistic career.


Still Life

JANE USSHER is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed photographers and has worked closely with the Antarctic Heritage Trust in photographing the ruins of the original exploration bases.


D’Errance et de Lumières

BRUNO AVEILLAN is an internationally-acclaimed photographer and film director, working across fine art and commercials.



PETER MATHIS lives in Hohenems, Austria. Originally best known for his outdoor and sports photography, his more recent work focuses on landscapes.

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Reno Air Races

Alexander Babic was born in 1974 in Bielefeld. First working as an advertising photographer from 1995-1998, he was a Hasselblad Masters finalist in 2009. He currently lives in Hamburg and his pictures of the Reno Air Races appear in this issue of VICTOR.


Water Australia Oil

Edward Burtynsky (b.1955) is one of Canada’s most respected photographers. His depictions of global industrial landscapes are in the collections of over 50 major museums around the world. His exhibitions include the five-year international touring show Oil, he lectures regularly and his work frequently appears in publications worldwide.


Inwards and Onwards

Born in 1955 in the Netherlands, Anton Corbijn’s photographs and videos have shaped the visual language of pop music, through his work with the likes of Joy Division, U2, Depeche Mode and Nirvana. Recently he has worked in cinema directing his Ian Curtis biopic Control (2007) and George Clooney’s The American (2010).


More Than Human

Tim Flach was born in London in 1958 and studied fine art at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. He is best known for the originality that he brings to capturing animal behaviour and characteristics. In this, he is often exploring the close relationship between human and non-human animals, in particular how humanity imposes and reveals its ideals when trying to understand and work with animals.


Beyond 9/11

Born in Olten, Switzerland, Marco Grob started his career as a photographer’s assistant in LA. Originally focusing on still life, he switched towards portrait and fashion photography in 2003. He has photographed the likes of President Obama, George Clooney, Buzz Aldrin and Hillary Clinton, and was awarded the Hasselblad Master in 2007. He lives in New York.



Born in Kagawa, Japan, Michael Hitoshi studied art in Tokyo before moving to the United States where he worked in photographic studios before launching his own career in 1996. Originally shooting fashion, he split his time between LA and Japan before moving back to Tokyo, where he has maintained his studio for the past nine years.


Personal Visitation

Damon Loble is a photographer living in Los Angeles. His interest in photography began at 24. His interest in nudes pre-dates his photography. Damon’s focus is in capturing an atmosphere of intimate comfort and a narrative of tranquility in his images. He is also co-owner of 150Kilos, a boutique digital capture company. Hasselblad’s digital systems and cameras have been the core of his personal and business photography since 2004.


Cloudscapes & Viareggio

Tom Nagy was born in Germany and lives in Hamburg. In his photographic work he is fascinated with epic, large-scale environments. He has won numerous awards including ADC, AOP, PDN, PX3 and Comm Arts. Most of his year is spent travelling on assignment for his global clients including Adobe, SAP, Swiss and many others.



Ripley & Ripley is the working name for the photographer simply known as ‘Rip’. He is both published and exhibited internationally. With a background in portraiture (notably the Beckham/Adidas campaigns) he is now recognised for his stylized automotive imagery. He was commissioned by Hasselblad to provide imagery for the launch of the H4D-200MS and was also a judge for the Hasselblad 2012 Masters Awards.


On The Silken Thread

Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer’s fruitful collaboration in 2005 lead to the founding of Scanderbeg Sauer Photography one year later. Extremely industrial, extremely loud, extremely dirty, extremely distant locations to most of the people – you can bet that there’s where they will be. Their photographic work is primarily focused on the meeting of the corporate, industrial and personal, all characterized by a unique visual expression and consistent vision.


Soaring To New Heights

Rodney Smith studied photography at Yale University under Walker Evans and in his long, distinguished career he has been commissioned by clients as diverse as the New York Stock Exchange and the New York City Ballet. His work has appeared in editorial in the likes of Vanity Fair and Esquire, while his clients have included Ralph Lauren and Saks Fifth Avenue. He lives on the Hudson River near New York City.



Mark Zibert has been a professional photographer since 2000. First coming to prominence with a campaign for Nike aged just 23, he has since worked for a wide range of clients, most recently Adidas and the Paralympic Committee. His campaign for Adidas around the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing won a Cannes Gold Lion, and was recognised as Photography Campaign of the Year at the Lucy Awards in New York City.

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