X System Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for the X System - from bags and lens adapters, to caps & straps.

BCX-1 Battery Charger

The BCX-1 Battery Charger is designed for use with the 3200 mAh X System battery.

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Camera Strap X

Extra wide camera strap with anti-slip backing. Suitable for all X System cameras.

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Handstrap X

The Handstrap X provides a ergonomic alternative to the supplied shoulder strap for the X1D. Made from high quality leather, it will soften with use and form a comfortable grip.

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X System Body Cap

Protective body cap for the X1D camera.

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Backpack

Camera backpack in Cordura® with leather details, designed in collaboration with Sandqvist.

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Messenger Bag

Camera bag in Cordura® with leather details.

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Tote Bag

Tote bag in soft leather in collaboration with Sandqvist.

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XH Lens Adapter

The XH Lens Adapter can be used to mount an HC or HCD lens onto an X1D. The XH adapter widens your X1D lens choices to include all 12 H-system HC/HCD lenses, and accessories including a macro converter and 3 extension tubes. The HC/HCD lens range includes a 24mm wide angle, 300mm telephoto and a 100mm f2.2 delivering ultra-thin depth of field and a beautiful smooth Bokeh.

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Improves handling for tripod photography and makes the X1D compatible with the tripod quick coupling H.

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Flash shoe cover

Cover for the X1D-50c flash shoe.

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Rear lens cap

Rear Lens Cap for XCD lenses.

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Rechargeable Li-ion battery

7.2 VDC/3200 mAh

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Billingham bag

A Billingham shoulder bag that holds the X System camera and lenses safe and secure.

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