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H4X is a camera body delivered with the CR-123 lithium battery grip, and without viewfinder.

We include the option for adding a new viewfinder with the purchase: either HV 90x-II with magnification matching the large 60Mpix or 80Mpix sensors, or HVD 90x matching the 36*48mm or smaller sensors. The H4X camera body is built upon a H4D camera unit with a DRIVE button instead of the ISO/WB button, which requires tight integration with the digital back.

The firmware is tailored for the H1/H2/H2F, and it offers the following new functionality:

  • support for all H System lenses, including the HCD 28mm, HCD 35-90mm with the limitation of a slight performance decrease at edges when used with a 60Mpix or 80Mpix sensor

  • support for TrueFocus




H4X camera body with CR-123 grip, w/o viewfinder 3.995 €


H4X camera body with CR-123 grip and HV 90x-II viewfinder 4.995 €


H4X camera body with CR-123 grip and HVD 90x viewfinder 4.995 €


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